Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer

Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer

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Sons of Fortune
by Jeffrey Archer
 It is often spur-of-the-moment decisions, sometimes made by others, that can change our whole lives.

Bestselling author Jeffrey Archer returns with a powerful tale of twins separated by fate and reunited by destiny.

In the late 1940's in Hartford, Connecticut a set of twins is parted at birth. Nat Cartwright goes home with his parents, a schoolteacher and an insurance salesman. But his twin brother is to begin his days as Fletcher Andrew Davenport, the only son of a multi-millionaire and his society wife.

During the years that follow, the two brothers grow up unaware of each other's existence. Nat leaves college at the University of Connecticut to serve in Vietnam. He returns a war hero, finishes school and becomes a successful banker. Fletcher, meanwhile, has graduated from Yale University and distinguishes himself as a criminal defense lawyer before he is elected to the Senate.

Even when Nat and Fletcher fall in love with the same girl they still don't meet. They continue on their separate paths until one has to defend the other for a murder he did not commit. But the final confrontation comes when Nat and Fletcher are selected to stand against each other for governor of the state.

In the tradition of Jeffrey Archer's most popular books, Sons of Fortune is as much a chronicle of a nation in transition as it is the story of two remarkable men and how, eventually, they come to discover the truth - and its extraordinary consequences...


This book like all other Jeffrey Archer books is great. The start of the book reminded me of his book The Fourth Estate (A book review that I have already done) but as you go on reading you will realise that it's nothing like that book at all.

The story is set in the time between the 1940's and the end of the twentieth century. They have a common rival Elliot, who in my opinion is a total jerk (which is obviously what the author wanted us to feel). There is intense rivalry at different parts with different people which makes the book all the more interesting.

Fletcher and Nat's devoted love towards their wife and child is adorable, which leads to the small intense action between one of the main characters and the rival (I am not telling who) which is awesome and as I was reading the action part I was rooting for the protagonist to punch the heck out of the other person.

The court proceedings for a murder (mentioned in summary) is very interesting, no doubt due to the authors history in Her Majesty's prison.

The reason why the twins were not instantly pointed out when they both stand for election is revealed just before the ending. The revealing of the birth secret of the twins is so nerve-wreckingly cool (It's a word that I just made up) that I almost peed my pants reading it.
If truth be told, I stopped reading the book from the second last chapter because I was scared that it was going to be finally over which was obviously something that I would not be able to handle. But curiosity took the better of me and I was back to reading the book after a couple of hours of grieving.

The ending is fantastic. Jeffrey Archer has a way of putting everything into place in the most awesomest ways. I am warning you though, read the ending carefully twice or thrice to get it right. At first you might think something else but if you read it again carefully you will attain the right answer.

I rate it 4.5 for its beautiful way of portraying things and also because I am a full on hater of racists and it seems like the author is too. Woohoo!

This book was an absolute entertainer from start to end! I may change the rating later but as of now i want to give it full stars.

I usually tend to read two books at a time especially if one of the books is more than 500 pages reason being somewhere in the mid i may get bored of the pace or the characters or may be i just need a break from that book but i was totally wrong when i started this one. From the moment i started till the end it didn’t even cross my mind to start another book until i finished the whole thing.

When i was first getting into the story of Nat and Fetcher a dizygotic twins who were separated at birth because of some unusual circumstances , mentally i had came up with my own story of how it would start and how these two would meet and end up killing each other, but i was wrong, the whole story was totally different from what i had imagined. There wasn’t any dramatic twist as i thought there would be so thats another point why i liked this book and of course the way the whole story was told by Archer without messing it up anywhere was GREAT! And now i know why he is called master story teller. Another thing which caught my attention was the ending, it was so confusing that I had to read three or four times to know what actually happened.

Having said that i had just two problems with this book firstly at some parts the story was moving so fast that it was becoming difficult to catch up with characters and their circumstances another thing which didn’t sit well was Luke’s death i didn’t know why under such weak grounds he had to kill himself, that seems a bit forced, other than that I loved this book.

 Sons of Fortune enthralled me. Totally. One of the Books I will never get enough of. It was my first Archer novel, and I’m glad that I decided to read this wonderful, gripping and remarkable story.

Nat Cartwright and Fletcher Davenport; separated at birth are dizygotic twins (twins developed from two separate oocytes fertilized at the same time. They may be of the same or opposite sex, differ both physically and genetically) they were both raised in different worlds. One, goes to a wealthy family, 'The Davenport's' and the other to a middle class, ' The Cartwright's'.

I don’t know who I like the most. They were both captivated me. Nat serves with honorable distinction in Vietnam. He was considered a hero then later on goes to banking. While Fletcher became a criminal defense lawyer. They both grew up to be well-respected men, married the women they love, and are both lucky to have loyal best friends. It seems their lives mirror one another.

Then they both got involved in Politics; both running for governor of Connecticut—Nat a Republican, Fletcher Democrat. Then due to their common rival, Elliot and his plan to destroy Nat, brings the brothers together after 42 years. Fletcher defends Nat against a murder charge—while the election is still going on.

I loved so many things about this book. I loved the secondary characters especially Nat’s best friend Tom. I loved his great sense of humor. Then there’s also Annie and Su Ling.. I liked how supportive they were to Fletcher and Nat.

I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. I’ve read it three times already. And it still surprises me every time.

Sons of Fortune is a long novel (500+ pages) about the lives of two men, Nat Cartwight and Fletcher Davenport. These two men are identical twins who were separated at birth, with Fletcher being switched to replace the deceased baby of the other woman. 
Both men live similar lives, as they both go to rival private schools, and both run in school elections. Since both run for school president, they both get the aid of their best friends, who also help them as they both run against each other for the position of governor. During university, Nat is called for duty in Vietnam. Fletcher is lucky enough to not be called for duty however. Before they run for governor, Nat becomes a banker, while Fletcher becomes a lawyer. They also both get married, and have families.
This book is fairly interesting, as it truly goes into detail about how they live. In a way, it is able to represent how different growing up is in the 60s and 70s, and also when attending private schools. The story itself is relatively interesting, as it covers a broad variety of ‘things’ both men do throughout their school and adult lives. In a way, the book shows the reader somewhat what life would be if you had the professions of these men. Also, since the reader does know about the fact that both live so close together without realizing the truth about their separation, one always wonders when the truth will come out (if it does), and what happens when it does.
Since the book does go into detail, some parts tend to drag on for a bit, especially if they do not particularly interest you. Because the story is based somewhat on politics, some parts get confusing if the reader does not know about how politics work, and possibly boring if politics are not what you are interested in. Also, since the story is being told for both men, it can get confusing when it switches between the two (as it does quite often).
Overall, the book is fairly interesting, and is definitely worth reading. The depth the book goes into really gives you a feeling of who these men are, in a way that you can relate to them. However, if you do not have the time for a long book, or do not like politics and more serious affairs, this is not a book for you.

What a cracking read. Sons Of Fortune is the first Jeffrey Archer novel I have read. I was not disappointed and found it to be an excellent thriller.
It is the story of twin boys separated at birth, one staying with his working class family the other going to a more well to do family, and whose lives parallel each other's, coming tantalisingly close to touching on many occasions and coming together in a most shocking but natural way.
To me it was fast paced, despite spanning four and a half decades, and never lost its way.
Archer has an interesting writing style. So often he teases the reader with the potential of a reveal, only to make the actual reveal some time later, almost as part of normal conversation like we should have known all along. In that way the characters have already processed the shock but the reader still needs to catch up with some Oh My Gosh moments. And that's even when some are fairly obvious.
I found this quite enjoyable and am keen to read more to see if Archer does it elsewhere. Some of the reveals in Sons Of Fortune gave me spine chills and goose bumps, even now thinking about them while writing this review. Some were even quite sad and moving, but all were done in a touching, non-superficial way. This is a sign of great writing.
I would recommend this story to any lover of a good yarn.

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