Special Requests!

Special Requests For Our Dear Friends!

Hello, finally, i made it to create this page and respond some of the requests.
Sorry for being late, i have been busy searching in my files. But don't worry, i will do my utmost.
(Ps. Sorry for not returning your emails, i can't do that very often since i have to take care a lot of requests). Will you forgive me? Hope so.
First, let me tell you how to make a request:
Under the tab:
*Contact Form*
Do click on the link that i have posted, and obviously you will be redirected to my email.
Just send me an email, and i will post the book under this tab.

Or just post a comment on one of the posts, and i will get the notification.
Please be considerate that i don't have all the books, but i will share what i have.

First request!

Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers The Power of Myth

Storm in a Teacup - The Physics of Everyday Life

Storm in a Teacup - The
Physics of Everyday Life

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